Saucha or cleanliness is one  of the Niyamas in Patanjali’s words of wisdom on yoga. The niyamas are principles we can endeavour to live by as we find our way along our path in life. While saucha can mean using the yoga cleansing or puriying techniques to physically clean our bodies (these include using a neti pot to clean the nostrils,  practicing nauli or stomach massage or trataka – candle gazing), I also think of saucha as finding cleanliness, clarity and de-cluttering in my life off the yoga mat. I am reading a book bby Marie Kondo on how to tidy up my home. The author (without referring tyogo a – is talikng about saucha) makes a clear link between having a tidy, de-cluttered home and attaining more mental clarity. And that is what we are looking for in our yoga practice: saucha – seeing clearly who we are and how to move gracefully along our path in life.