Yoga makes you feel great!  Beginners Yoga starting in January in Woodley. Suitable for all; take this 6 class course to learn the basic poses, some breathing techniques and a little about what yoga is. Your teacher Kath is knowledgeable on Yoga philosophy and has 20 years experience of practising yoga. Sunday mornigns at 10 a.m. at Vibez Dance studios in

Woodley precinct (above Iceland). Start your journey to find the connections between body and mind. Contact for details of the Beginners course.

More info will be on the website soon.
Yoga for All


Fiding your path – yoga and Bruce Springsteen.
The theme is dealing with change as youg row older and finding your way through life with grace and love. Western Stars movie trailer

See the movie Western stars if you can!

I loved watching the new Bruce Springsteen film this week. Western Stars has some very yogic sentiments: focusing on yourself/ the individual plus finding your place in your community; the challenges of loving – others and yourself; finding your life’s purpose and working through your afflictions/ doubts/ fears to live your best life. 

HathaYoga is finding a balamce or an equilibrium between opposites. this applies to our asana, practising yoga poses, and our life of the yoga mat. Enjoy this vidoe showing some of those contrasting movements and sentiments. I set it to the music of the beautiful song by Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now. See it on my Facebook page and check out details of classes with me in Woodley and Earley.

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Saucha or cleanliness is one  of the Niyamas in Patanjali’s words of wisdom on yoga. The niyamas are principles we can endeavour to live by as we find our way along our path in life. While saucha can mean using the yoga cleansing or puriying techniques to physically clean our bodies (these include using a neti pot to clean the nostrils,  practicing nauli or stomach massage or trataka – candle gazing), I also think of saucha as finding cleanliness, clarity and de-cluttering in my life off the yoga mat. I am reading a book bby Marie Kondo on how to tidy up my home. The author (without referring tyogo a – is talikng about saucha) makes a clear link between having a tidy, de-cluttered home and attaining more mental clarity. And that is what we are looking for in our yoga practice: saucha – seeing clearly who we are and how to move gracefully along our path in life.

Legs up the wall

August 27, 2019

Don’t these yogis look relaxed in this super studio with the yoga warrior on the wall? Legs up the wall poss is a wonderful restorative pose suitable for all. My yoga students are loving this as an alternative to savasana on these hot summer days! It is a real yoga pose – Viparita karani in sanscrit. Come try it out at a class with Hatha Kath soon!

Looking for that sense of freedom in your body and mind? Want to feel stronger or more supple? Healthier and whole? Then come to a yoga class with Kath!
I can help bring that sense of wellbeing into your life. By finding space and freedom in our bodies through yoga  practice, we can also find freedom and space  in our breath, our minds, our  approach to life.

A new class is starting no 28 August! Every Wednesday at 12 midday.Small group. Suitable for all levels including Beginners. Iif you have a shoulder, hip, knee etc issue – you will be accommodatied too with modifications and props!
Join Kath for Yoga on the High Street in Central Reading
Book your spot at

Starting ta het end of August, a new yoga classe in Reading town centre.

Wednesdays 1205-1250 at Therapy on the High Street in the Broad Street Mall.

A slow flow class suitable for all levels

Contact Kath for more information. And look out for updates!

Pranayama to cool downIt is summer. It is hot. How can I change my yoga practice to fit the season?

Answer: slow down, breathe and be outisde if you can find a cool spot to practice.

There are a few great pranayama (breathing techniques) which can help you cool down and quiet the busy mind.

Some of them encourage breathing through the mouth which we don’t usually do in a regular yoga asana practice.

Watch the clip below and practice Lion’s breath and Sheetali.

Come to yoga classes in Woodley to practice with me.

YOGA classes Woodley and EarleyPranayama to cool down




Just Breathe

July 25, 2019

It is so hot today in the South of England! A perfect opportunity for dropping the asana practice and instead focusing more time on breathing and meditation. Just sit, just breathe, just be.

Come to my yoga classes in Woodley to practice these techniques. All welcome including beginners.

Yoga and meditation classes