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Asana is the sanscrit word referring to a Yoga-pose. We look at how to do them, options and variations of yoga poses. A yoga pose can be standing or seated or reclined.  There are also many balancing poses standing on one leg and a variety of inverted poses or inversions. The most common inverted yoga poses are shoulderstand and headstand. Downward facing dog can also be considered an inversion. The poses can be practiced in yoga classes of Hatha or Vinyasa flow or ashtanga yoga. The yoga poses work on different parts of the body; it mihgt be hips, shoulders, hands, hamstrings or quadriceps or the spine and neck.. Practicing the poses can increase strength and or flexibility.

Pranayama to cool downIt is summer. It is hot. How can I change my yoga practice to fit the season?

Answer: slow down, breathe and be outisde if you can find a cool spot to practice.

There are a few great pranayama (breathing techniques) which can help you cool down and quiet the busy mind.

Some of them encourage breathing through the mouth which we don’t usually do in a regular yoga asana practice.

Watch the clip below and practice Lion’s breath and Sheetali.

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YOGA classes Woodley and EarleyPranayama to cool down




Just Breathe

July 25, 2019

It is so hot today in the South of England! A perfect opportunity for dropping the asana practice and instead focusing more time on breathing and meditation. Just sit, just breathe, just be.

Come to my yoga classes in Woodley to practice these techniques. All welcome including beginners.

Yoga and meditation classes

What is Yoga?

July 19, 2019

Yoga is many things, many concepts and usually something different to each practitioner.
At the start of class, I sometimes ask my yoga students to think of all the contrassts or opposing actions/sentiments/ aspirations we experience in our yoga practice. These might include strengthening and relaxing, right and left, up and down, forward and back, movement and stillness, breath in and breath out. So what does Hatha Yoga mean? The word Hatha can be broken into two parts: Ha meaning Sun and associated with our masculine, energetic side and Tha meaning Moon, associated with our feminine, passive, relaxing nature.
In yoga philosophy, the gunas encapsulate these concepts.
Rajas represents dynamic energy, effort, will. Whereas Tamas is passivity, inertia, potential energy.
We can endeavour to find a state of Satva – pure balance between the two in both our yoga practice and our life off the yoga mat.  That is, while finding just the  right amount of exertion and relaxation, we will become more open-minded, disciplined, patient, loving and authentic to our true essence.

Two wonderful yoga poses in the open air! I was in the Malvern Hills at the weekend and practiced paschimottanasana and purvottansana. This time of year is perfect for practising yoga outdoors – breathe, stretch and focus.

My classes in Woodley and Earley, Reading are open to all levels. Come and join me and learn how to do these asana (yoga poses) – stretch to the West and stretch to the East! Classes


My work as a yoga teacher is mostly barefoot. So I like to keep my toes and feet looking and feeling good. Here is a clip of my feet getting some love and attention. And a good opportunity to remind myself and my yoga students to spread their toes and ground through the feet in the standing yoga poses / asana. Find your feet, find your root, find your balance.

Yoga Teacher Toes and Feet

My favourite inverted yoga pose and favourtie arm balance is Pincha Mayurasana – feathered peacock. It works the upper body but using the forearms instead of the hands and wrists makes it more accessible than some of the other arm balances. It can be scarey for some yoga students to practice inversions but once you have practiced some preparatory poses, gained confidence and had a supportive teacher spotting you, it is a revelation how wonderful it feels to be in an inverted asana. Next time you feel that your world has been turned upside down by some disruptive event in your life off the yoga mat, you can remember how good it can feel to be upside down.

Join my classes in Woodley, Earley, Reading to practice inverted yoga poses.

Yoga classes with Kath

No helping hands!

Come along to my new Thursday evening  Yoga class in Woodley at 6pm. The class is suitable for all but is proving popular with Begtinners and people who have come to yoga as adults. The class is in a beautiful studio in vibez Dance on Woodley shopping precinct (above Iceland). Mats and props are provided by Kath, your patient and knowledgable yoga instructor.  Get in touch with any questions Contact Kath. No need to  book, just drop in, arriving 5-10 mins before start of class. Cost: £9 per class – pay by cash or card at the class.

Classes in Woodley

Yoga class for all levels in a beautiful studio with Kath Pinnick

My yoga classes in Woodley are suitable for all levels but are very popular with Beginners and yoga sstudents who are less flexible. The poses in the yoga classes can be adapted to suit all abilities. I tach in Woodley on Thursdays at Vibez Dance studios. there is a choice of classes – either come at lunchtime 12.30 to 1.30pm or in the evenign 6-7pm. No need to book in advance. I have some spare yoga mats. I take card payments. the cost is £9 or £50 for 6. Please get in touch with flowrelaxyoga if you have any questions. See you on the mat on Thursday!Classes

In February I gained my 300 hour Yoga Teaching qualification. this means I am now registered with the Yoga Alliance as RYT500 – an advanced and experience yoga teacher. I did the course at the Shiva Shakti School in goa, India. I loved it! The teachers were all Indian which is what I wanted – to be closer to the origins of yoga.